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I think summer has officially arrived. 100+ degree weather is pretty much my cup of tea...literally...however the thought of bikinis, laying by the pool, sipping on iced teas is not so bad either. My sister's graduation is this week and I have the perfect dress by freepeople to wear! Ordered it from nordstroms.com well in advance ( at least a month and a half...teehee)

Life has been all right, besides this hell of weather, mainly focusing on moving towards bigger and better opportunity. Dealing with friends waiting upon me to move to SD or SF as their leases are about to end, in hopes of attaining me as a roommate...how bold of them! Also dealing with boy issues (no matter how old we may get, this every pending dilemma will always haunt us girls.) Why is it so easy to become attached and so hard to let go. Why do we over-analyze and over-think every situation. Why do we get emotionally involved when we know from the bat that we shouldn't? I guess thats just the struggle we must face and deal in hopes of not getting hurt. Easier said than done my friends...easier said that done.

"Trying" to start a shopping ban but I deem unsuccessful...just made possibly my fourth purchase this year off of urbanoutfitters.com...someone give me willpower, PLEASE!

Aside from that, I am just thankful for everything in my life and glad that I have the most wonderful family and friends any girl could ask for. :)

Alis grave nil.

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