I am unbelievably excited for Fall! The weather gods have been blessing us with 80 degrees and sunny with no chance of rain or clouds. This permits the tucked away knit scarves and sweatshirts to come out and play. :)

Speaking of Fall, here are a few of my current "Fall-ish" obsessions:
Tool Academy 2 (sad I know, but so darn entertaining to say the least!), my new Nikon d40, my permed do'!, pumpkin pie scented candles (I have already acquired 3 this past weekend), paninis and grilled veggies courtesy of our new panini press, cranberry colored nail polish, collecting blazers, and currently reading Memoirs of a Geisha.

I just love the feeling of walking into any store and seeing all the Halloween decor and just getting into the holiday spirit. I am so excited for the 31st, what to wear, where to go, how much candy and treats I will consume, etc etc...Now that I am out of school, it seems that I can fully enjoy each individual holiday without the constant reminder and lingering of exams, homework, quizzes, papers and what not but instead focus on the simple yet essential things in life.

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